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20. Money for aid no never, but stupidity is always there. 21. No wealth will not make you richer. 22. Truth - an evil kidding smile that awakens consciousness, awareness, and calls on the face of a cruel smile. 23. Women are like cars in the parking lot, just waiting until they who - ever theft. 24. Evil is like a rattlesnake, moving around his neck. In one ear can hear the quiet, soothing, gently soothing the mind music rattles. While the second is heard sweet, sly voice our secret desires. From which, in our face, there is a cruel smile. 25. The body - a torture chamber for the soul. 26. From the awareness of all things, a smile on his face is getting wider and wider. 27. Personality is so similar to the mysterious box, which marked a big fat question mark? In what may be a bomb or poison gas thinking, or a corpse or a monster, or a beautiful butterfly. 28. Civilization living in close harmony with nature and the universe. Acquire immortality. 29. Beautiful eternity in paradise, muc
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money aid stupidity wealth richer truth kidding awakens consciousness calls women cars parking lot waiting theft evil rattlesnake moving neck ear hear quiet gently soothing mind music rattles heard sweet sly voice secret desires cruel body torture chamber soul awareness smile face wider personality similar mysterious box marked big fat question mark bomb poison gas thinking corpse monster butterfly civilization living close harmony nature universe acquire immortality beautiful eternity paradise muc

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