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20. The red-hot chains of evil forces have taken us away to where the sun will never find us. Then, as the voice of conscience leads us to the place where there is nothing but light. 21. About how ruthless war of ideologies, fast thirst between a master rod of power. The immensity of its force, he shakes the world around them, revealing to them a hundred mouths of the abyss in which drowning hundreds of innocent souls to serve them faithfully. 22. From his presence is covered with frost soul, and bones are like steel, humbly prostrate before leaning honeydew great and powerful, but it is truly negligible. 23. People are gradually sinking in a lake of pleasure, sinking deeper and deeper, where no one never hears the groans of which will be scattered in the dark ages of eternity. 24. Gentle light of happiness shining not for everyone, some caresses and fries the other. 25. From the ancient, empty, gothic cathedral. He stood in front of me, standing with his back to me, the light outlet o
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red hot chains evil forces sun find voice conscience leads place ruthless war ideologies fast thirst master rod power immensity force shakes world revealing mouths abyss drowning hundreds innocent souls serve faithfully presence covered frost soul bones steel humbly prostrate leaning honeydew great powerful negligible people gradually lake pleasure sinking deeper hears groans scattered dark ages eternity gentle happiness shining caresses fries ancient empty gothic cathedral stood front standing light outlet

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