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2013: We have just entered the teens of this new millennium, and the social hierarchy of power has already begun to unveil itself. It seems the politically correct have become the alpha dogs of the playground; shoving the honest into their respective lockers, and shelving the ideals of free and open-minded thinking. Why would the American populace abide the growth of such a repulsive force? The truth: fear, or even worse, indifference. We have forgotten the one for all and are left with only the all for one. The spirit of revolution that used to define this great nation seems to have dissipated into a mist of self-conscious docility. Originality and imagination have been replaced with cookie-cutter life styles that our people are all too eager to fill. And while the American Dream has not yet died, it is certainly being misremembered; for its contents do not consist of an office, or an apartment, or a family of four, but rather of an intangible idea, the simple notion that individuals
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2013 entered teens millennium social hierarchy power begun unveil politically correct alpha dogs playground shoving honest respective lockers shelving ideals free open minded thinking populace abide growth repulsive force truth fear worse indifference forgotten left spirit revolution define great nation dissipated mist conscious docility originality imagination replaced cookie cutter life styles people eager fill american dream died misremembered contents consist office apartment family intangible idea simple notion individuals

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