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25. From the ancient, empty, gothic cathedral. He stood in front of me, standing with his back to me, the light outlet of the cathedral so beautifully lit up his image, and sounded beautiful, church choir, singing that inspires and animates from which shines the light of purity of mind. He was wearing a dark brown, a church, a medieval robe with a hood, in a cloak with a cape. And I asked him which is the highest value. He said that it is an eternal love and eternal peace of the soul, the eternal happiness of the soul selfless nobility, true happiness comes only when all absolutely everyone will be happy. On the ground, happiness is only a moment, but in heaven, it lasts forever, which by its strength is far superior to the sinful, earthly, materialistic happiness of sinners hedonists who do not understand that time is a stupid invention of people, they do not realize that they are all only a tiny particles of eternity. And I touched his shoulder, and I felt that this was not the cloth
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ancient empty gothic stood front standing outlet cathedral beautifully lit image sounded beautiful choir singing inspires animates shines light purity mind wearing dark brown church medieval robe hood cloak cape asked highest love peace eternal soul selfless nobility true absolutely happy ground moment heaven lasts strength superior sinful earthly materialistic happiness sinners hedonists understand time stupid invention people realize tiny particles eternity touched shoulder felt cloth

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