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25 Habits of Highly Successful People: 1) When they make a commitment - they do all to fulfil it. 2) They believe in teams and delegate proper responsibility to them. 3) They don't linger on with things they can not do anything about. 4) They day-dream a lot and then go after their dreams. 5) They show genuine respect to all individuals. 6) They create their own challenges. 7) They work with positive energies. 8) They mind their own business. 9) They don't get discouraged easily or accept failures 10) They don't complain about the hard work they have do. 11) They don't boast. 13) They take full responsibility for their actions. 14) They are passionate about their work. 15) They follow a strict routine 16) They start their day early. 17) They take criticism well 18) They don't gloat in the past. 19) They don't do name dropping. 20) They always respond to calls/email etc promptly. 21) They prioritize things. 22) They are regular with diary writing. 22) They take life challenges and adver
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habits highly successful people commitment fulfil teams delegate proper linger dream lot dreams show genuine respect individuals create positive energies mind business discouraged easily accept failures complain hard boast full responsibility actions passionate work follow strict routine start day early criticism gloat dropping respond calls email promptly prioritize regular diary writing life challenges adver

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