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25. You're just a tiny spark, insignificant little shine, all this moral restraint system micro electro circuit selfishness. 26. You grew up in hatred and hostility, lack of understanding. On your color brown impermeable package insecure man himself. And your self-esteem is somewhere deep beneath hell. Because you meet on your way only bad people, who suffer from the swinish attitude that did not know or understand you, and whether you are a pessimist and misanthrope. If fate would send only the most good people, you'd be an optimist. 27. You enter into your life, you are welcome in my life, in the house of funny mirrors in the mirror maze. The mirrors, which show the funny side of life. True reality, you can not find the way, welcome to my life. 28. You're holding in their hands their peak evil heart, and to be precise, a toy in the shape of a heart with horns, you see them with clockwork countdown, your heart will explode soon. And you have until the end of time, there is time to ask
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tiny spark insignificant shine moral restraint system micro electro circuit selfishness grew hatred hostility lack understanding color brown impermeable package insecure man esteem deep beneath hell meet bad suffer swinish attitude understand pessimist misanthrope fate send good people optimist enter house mirror maze mirrors show funny side true reality find life holding hands peak evil precise toy shape horns clockwork countdown heart explode time

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