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28. Civilization living in close harmony with nature and the universe. Acquire immortality. 29. Beautiful eternity in paradise, much better, sinful moments, called life. 30. Banshee Screams could be heard only the righteous souls who understand that the end of civilization is near. Creepy, heart-rending cries of the human race, suffering horrific screams getting louder and louder. 31. To see that how much our reality is ridiculous enough turn it inside out. 32. The human reality is - turned inside artificial chaos subconscious fantasy world, woven of thousands and thousands of ideas. Where their consciousness gradually mutates, making them the most, in unknown monsters. 33. Mother nature, creating people, is the greatest in the world abstractionist. 34. Under the false light fabric of reality, hiding a very different world, so sincere, so natural. 35. When the lights go out the last wishes and hopes, and it seems that the soul plunges into the depths of darkness, one can see how the so
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living close harmony universe acquire immortality beautiful eternity paradise sinful moments called life banshee heard righteous souls understand civilization creepy heart rending cries race suffering horrific screams louder ridiculous turn human turned artificial chaos subconscious fantasy woven thousands ideas consciousness gradually mutates making unknown monsters mother nature creating people greatest abstractionist false light fabric reality hiding world sincere natural lights wishes hopes soul plunges depths darkness

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