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(3 of 4 - Kiss feet, love, humility authority etc...) And when I said kiss and or hug the Arabs and or East Indians and or others, or all, I wasn't putting their lives in danger, your lives in danger, I was putting it in love! How come you ask that I'm so wise and spiritual and original and perfect and true, and or most enlightened!? Because I'm honest, loving, caring, perfect and true! And because I'm the most enlightened I get the most truth! Because I'm most loving I get most truth! Because I'm most perfect and most honest I get most truth! most true! always true and perfect and loving and caring and honest and enlightened and enlightening! - Joshua Aaron Guillory - The most spiritual gets, tells, lives by in as, manifests most truth! 'I am most truth! the most truthful! I am what I am! It is what it is! Life love peace happiness truth freedom joy me you all] - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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feet humility authority kiss hug arabs east indians danger putting wise original true perfect loving caring honest enlightened enlightening spiritual tells lives manifests truthful life love peace happiness truth freedom joy joshua aaron guillory

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