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30. Beautiful bird does not sing for money and fame, but from the fact that this song live in its nature. 31. Personality is moving on roller skates to where only the chosen people follow him. 32. Resentment, anger and hatred - these are the main enemies in your life. 33. Keep scrap of love, in the form of a Christmas candy canes, a kill all the insults, all the anger and hatred 34. Happiness is like skating on a swing. 35. Cocoon cynicism, people are not born. 36. A cynic helps that finishes. 37. All the beauty in the human soul, you will see under a microscope. 38. Wearing glasses truth, you will see a beautiful race of people. 39. A cynic - a zombie, which turns all into zombies. 40. If you do not want in your life, then you will no longer be so fun to play, and you will quickly die Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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bird sing money fame fact song live nature personality moving roller skates chosen follow resentment main enemies scrap love form christmas candy canes kill insults anger hatred happiness skating swing cocoon cynicism born helps finishes beauty human soul microscope wearing glasses truth beautiful race people cynic zombie turns zombies life longer fun play quickly die author musin almat zhumabekovich

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