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39. It is strange, but sometimes it seems that you are unconsciously, always will love those women who no longer love you. Every day, laying flowers on the grave of your love. 40. optimist any pain is sweet and cute. 41. I am crying red blood, when I think about her failed romances, a traitor threw me. 42. I cry black blood, when I see a different favorite. 43. Responds to all laughing smile and a joke. Do not take anything seriously. 44. The dark side of the personality - is an impostor inside you that wants to absorb you completely possess you. 45. You hear the mocking, sadistic laughter of reality. 46. ​​If your girlfriend tells you to walk, to enjoy life, to engage in a career, and not think about the feelings of the male? So she wishes you happy being alone in middle and old age. 47. shit in this world evolves and multiplies. 48. Russia - this is a very strange copy of America and Kazakhstan - it is very, very strange copy of Russia and America. 49. Are you afraid of people? So, y
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unconsciously women longer day laying flowers grave love optimist pain sweet cute crying red failed romances traitor threw cry black blood favorite responds laughing smile joke dark side personality impostor absorb completely possess hear mocking sadistic laughter reality girlfriend tells walk enjoy life engage career feelings male wishes happy middle age shit world evolves multiplies kazakhstan strange copy russia america afraid people

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