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4. Men Caucasoid, i mean european race, i mean white race, and Negroid races always get the best for the world's women of all races and nations, rumor that they prefer even beautiful female Alien who sometimes abducted and returned them to the ground. Well, as the man of the Mongoloid race as always remain left with nothing 5. Look, do not get caught in a very long list of varmint Devil. 6. On your souls have the stigma of the Lord God, you're really not a person, not a man, you are not your own. You are not here for fun, you are for to improve for the better, and to help people and animals, and plants, and insects, and to improve for the better of all mankind. You are God's own so be quiet and obedient to God, fear God. And God forbid, if the stigma will disappear, because of your sins, God forbid, if, instead of the stigma of God, if you will get the stigma of the Devil. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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men caucasoid european white negroid world women races nations rumor prefer beautiful female alien abducted returned ground mongoloid race remain left caught long list varmint souls lord person man fun people animals plants insects improve mankind quiet obedient fear disappear sins forbid god stigma devil author musin almat zhumabekovich

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Animelover on September 21, 2016, 4:32 am
Too long X((

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