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(4 of 4 - Kiss feet, love, humility authority etc...) And you have to be willing to shake Conor McGregor's hand, true McGregor, Khabib and or world, to be honest and perfect in true! Or otherwise you are bringing hate or evil into the kingdom, which means you're not really in the kingdom but in the kingdom of Satan, Deception, and or Non-existence! Love is all [that] there is! Love in the only thing that exists! true love! true you! perfect love, perfect you, perfect all! Shake the hand after the match! Isn't everyone a match made in heaven!? :) Yes, indeed! Yes, in deed! Be the match! The perfect match which is always now in the present foreverness of life and peace and or love! - Joshua Aaron Guillory (had to... resign in on ownquotes to submit quote)
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