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44. Man - this is an absolute masterpiece, woven from the shortcomings of thousands and thousands of animals. 45. One seated on the throne of pleasure, while others are fried in the electric chair awareness. 46. The man who asserts itself at the expense of other people - this is not a man but a ridiculous mistake genetics. 47. Only death can prescribe you out of the mental hospital. 48. The whole life - it is a very slow and painful death. 49. Look at the inner chaos, lurking in a hypocritical society. This world is urgently needed detoxification evil tayascheesya in their thinking. 50. Powerful idea turns into a powerful idea that turns into a black hole. 51. Draw the nature - it's like to paint a living, moving animals. Due to the movement of the moon and sun. 52. The true saint always helping people, not always choosing himself a people - it is zero, he is in front a number one. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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absolute masterpiece woven shortcomings thousands seated throne pleasure fried electric chair awareness asserts expense man ridiculous mistake genetics prescribe mental hospital life slow painful death chaos lurking hypocritical society world urgently needed detoxification evil tayascheesya thinking powerful idea turns black hole draw nature paint living moving animals due movement moon sun true saint helping choosing people front number author musin almat zhumabekovich

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