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45. You don’t need a lot of money to be happy. In fact, plenty of money brings more misery. Just limit your expectations, appreciate the little you possess and learn how to make do with it and you will live in the best of all possible worlds. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 46. People who have stayed single for long tend to find it hard to love and accept somebody else in their lives because they are so used to their routine, disorder and punctilio that any change in the scheme of things will make them uncomfortable. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 47. Bad endings always begin as fun and innocent adventure. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 48. Capitalism, which is another term for modern social-economic lifestyle, has placed a price on dating so much that nowadays, chemistry between lovers is determined by availability of money. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 49. Women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition: men are so ordinary. (Godiah Rocky Imbukuleh) 50. Man is ego. Pride drives him mad and invokes him. He
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don lot happy fact plenty brings misery limit expectations possess learn live worlds people stayed single long tend find hard love accept lives routine disorder punctilio change scheme uncomfortable bad endings fun innocent adventure capitalism term modern social economic lifestyle price dating nowadays chemistry lovers determined availability money women seek equal lack ambition men ordinary godiah rocky imbukuleh man ego pride drives mad invokes

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