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5. Take a look at this map of the world. Yes, it is a pure transparent glass, a perfect, seamless world, absolute unity, and now look like a fool hit her hammer of fascism, the hammer symbol of Nazism and racism. The world was divided into continents and countries. He continues to hit the hammer. And now you see that the glass breaks. Our common world, our common future destroyed, selfish stupidity. 6. Look at this line of mad demon limit. And in the middle of the line is indicated rate. Who see only the wisest. 7. In this indifferent world. Socialization is so much like robotics, where the relationship is just a mechanical formality. 8. The damage does not stop selling. 9. Creativity - a discovery, not repetition. 10. Together we all, individually, we are nothing 11. Each in its space, in their dirty, sinful minds. 12. You're in a movie theater, which shows only black tragicomedy in which a terrific comedic turns, hypocritical psychology, here each of tune by its sounds funny clown mu
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map pure transparent perfect seamless absolute unity fool fascism symbol nazism racism divided continents countries continues hit hammer glass breaks common future destroyed selfish stupidity mad demon limit middle line rate wisest indifferent world socialization robotics relationship mechanical formality damage stop selling creativity discovery repetition individually space dirty sinful minds movie theater shows black tragicomedy terrific comedic turns hypocritical psychology tune sounds funny clown

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