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5. The vain man - a giant, giant clown, wandering in the middle of the metropolis. His selfish, cynical eyes can not see the people he sees the miserable point. 6. Vain man supposedly lives in his luxurious palace of human faces. And this pervert at all do not need your love, it is only necessary that it just looked. 7. Our society - like a skyscraper, from the greed and inhumanity of the higher strata of the lower rot, which are the foundation of our society. The crack of human folly goes through the whole building, passing through the middle part of the structure, which has a fundamental design load, all human society as a whole, are its heart. The cracks gradually grow and grow, and finally they touch the top of the building, where small cracks can gradually erode the very top of the upper strata of society. 8. Modern progress of society - like a genetically modified, rampant monster that could easily destroy us. 9. Oh, let all the nations and races mingle with each other, then away
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giant clown wandering metropolis selfish cynical eyes people sees miserable point vain man supposedly lives luxurious palace faces pervert love looked skyscraper greed inhumanity higher rot foundation crack folly passing middle part structure fundamental design load human heart grow finally touch building small cracks gradually erode top upper strata modern progress society genetically modified rampant monster easily destroy nations races mingle

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