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59. Look at the world and this egg, you see that the world is similar to the egg in which the developing chick you see the relationship with the person's life, that he is born only after his death. 60. Looking for love is like a game of chance at the roulette table. 61. love a woman - it's like playing Russian roulette, for a mistake you puts a gun to his temple. In this game you can make five errors, and one bullet for you. 62. The fact that builds up inside you, and does not go out. It turns into conclusions that turn into goals. 63. Life is a drill. 64. Suicide - the apotheosis of human selfishness. 65. Every person who carries a ridiculous deformity. 66. Looking for love is like a game of chance at the roulette table. 67. Patience is the wick. 68. Time and Eternity - this film. 69. We supposedly live in a strange movie that can be repeated over and over again. Since the time, sometimes so similar to the set film, which merged with eternity. You can rewind it, then forward, then bac
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world egg developing chick relationship born death woman playing russian mistake puts gun temple errors bullet fact builds turns conclusions turn goals life drill suicide apotheosis human selfishness person carries ridiculous deformity love game chance roulette table patience wick supposedly live strange movie repeated time similar set film merged eternity rewind bac

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