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6. A battle of minds is so similar to the naval battle in which the two candidates facing each other back, a short distance from one another, and shoot at each other blindly, firearms called Winchester, they shoot their way of thinking. Who shot, the winner, if you were shot, then came to you, and you laugh at a joke of his opponent. 7. All that you see around you - it is a utopia defects, complexes, instincts, and internal shortcomings of all mankind. It's a slow agonizing end of the world, a race of people that does not want to change for the better. 8. Beware of the bridge in the form of a huge cartoon language of lies, an adept of the sect. It leads directly into the shaft of slavery. Where will you get for the adepts of the sect, money. 9. Ignorance of the true religion, and its true essence, is generated and will generate on the basis of lies, ever new sect of charlatans. 10. Flee from the evil forces of both the dogs of hell hell. In the arms of his Almighty God. 11. As sometime
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minds similar naval battle candidates facing short distance blindly firearms called winchester shoot thinking winner shot laugh joke opponent utopia defects complexes instincts internal shortcomings mankind slow agonizing world race people change beware bridge form huge cartoon language adept leads shaft slavery adepts money ignorance religion true essence generated generate basis lies sect charlatans flee evil forces dogs hell arms almighty god

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