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6. All of our values ​​for a long time in the sewers. 7. A lonely man married to loneliness. 8. Disappointment reduces gravity. 9. The comic brutal, cruel society, a person enters into a deep coma disappointment. 10. Disappointment - a clinical death. 11. Disappointment returns you back to where you came from. 12. Disappointment helps to see a lot, too much. 13. Frustration leads to true self. 14. The disappointment is so similar to a heart attack. 15. Disappointment - a birthday present from awareness and deeper understanding. 16. pleasantly surprised only selfless generosity and violence and aggression, it's a boring banality. 17. To become a real, to become a holy man, who is endowed with a tireless, inexhaustible, disinterested generosity. 18. In this huge glass, water-capsule increases your monster, this is your dark side of personality. Which grew out of your pain, many, many years. And now look like this capsule is filled with your joy. Hear the eerie screeching monster, he was
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values long time sewers lonely married loneliness reduces gravity comic brutal cruel society person enters deep coma clinical death returns helps lot frustration leads true similar heart attack disappointment birthday present awareness deeper understanding pleasantly surprised selfless violence aggression boring banality real holy man endowed tireless inexhaustible disinterested generosity huge glass water increases dark side personality grew pain years capsule filled joy hear eerie screeching monster

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