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69. We supposedly live in a strange movie that can be repeated over and over again. Since the time, sometimes so similar to the set film, which merged with eternity. You can rewind it, then forward, then back, we can accelerate, stop, or even slow down, you can jump from frame to frame. But over time, you begin to understand that only a tiny fraction of this film, forever living in this incredible nonsense. 70. The eternal fear of a celebrity to be forgotten. But time and eternity unlike mankind'll never forget because you have recorded on video time in a certain piece of videotape. 71. Be a light in the middle of darkness. 72. The image of a loved one - a light in the midst of darkness. 73. The appropriate selection of corresponding future scenery. 74. During the attempted suicide, generosity and selfishness, as if playing tug of war. 75. Silence can not be beat 76. A person with a lot of goals in life, though bears a huge bag of desires. But the man with a pure heart, in the soul goe
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supposedly live strange movie repeated similar set merged rewind accelerate stop slow jump frame understand tiny fraction film living incredible nonsense eternal fear celebrity forgotten eternity mankind forget recorded video time piece videotape middle image loved light midst darkness selection future scenery attempted suicide generosity selfishness playing tug war silence beat person lot goals life bears huge bag desires man pure heart soul goe

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