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76. A person with a lot of goals in life, though bears a huge bag of desires. But the man with a pure heart, in the soul goes to light. 77. Anger man resembles a dragon breathing. 78. Nerves burn like sparklers 79. Looking at the life of modern society, sometimes it seems that they supposedly are in some prison. From which we hear only screams, laughter, groans and sobs. And, as some of them strongly knock on the iron door, begging to unleash. 80. Many people were created for fun. 81. grow only lonely. 82. In this world, only a few older. 83. Many people, all my life having fun to the fullest. Do not teach anything and eventually their life is in vain. Life - it is not only the experience but also the realization of the truth. 84. clowning only visible everywhere. 85. The deeper man thinks, the more lives he lived 86. Man lives in misery, the fate of supposedly brutally stifled a thin string. 87. The abomination of this world, though brutally strangling package. 88. At times, life seem
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person lot goals bears huge bag desires pure heart soul light anger resembles dragon breathing nerves burn sparklers modern society prison hear screams laughter groans sobs strongly knock iron door begging unleash created grow lonely older people fun fullest teach eventually vain experience realization truth clowning visible deeper thinks lived man lives misery fate supposedly stifled thin string abomination world brutally strangling package times life

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