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8. Food, GMO industry - this is a funny machine with sweets which in human form with cocoa candy, when you cast your money he makes sounds as if much straining and you get a piece of candy, if you want to pop, let down your money and the machine will make a sound like it would strongly tears and you get a pop out of his mouth. 9. The media skillfully used the herd instinct of man. Here all the countries heavily demonize each other, not forgetting about the perfection in their own countries. All this is done in the business benefit, secret, world kleptocracy. 10. Abortion - is the son of Holocaust, which buries the last hope of humanity in very small coffins. 11. In conformists big toy monkey ears. 12. The eyes are two cameras, and the mind is a videotape that records dirt on you, then there is a very funny comedy. 13. Atheist rides in the dark, at a high speed in the car called the Mustang, in the middle, clean, infinite, eternal darkness, with broken lamps. 9. How far we've come, I do
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food gmo industry sweets human form cocoa cast sounds straining piece candy money machine sound strongly tears pop mouth media skillfully herd instinct man heavily demonize forgetting perfection countries business benefit secret world kleptocracy abortion son holocaust buries hope humanity small coffins conformists big toy monkey ears eyes cameras mind videotape records dirt funny comedy atheist rides dark high speed car called mustang middle clean infinite eternal darkness broken lamps

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