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8. In this ever-changing maze, you're in my head, there is only one visible darkness, and your soul covers a certain amount of space. And you see the illuminated interior of this labyrinth. It is made out of your brains, in this deep, deep, deep hell smells like laughing gas. And you see how you're going crazy, you see funny glitches, you see only what you want to see. 9. Conformity hangs on hooks people leaving their bodies in the freezer stability and security. 10. Honest people like nudists. 11. The human head is a glass ball, which are born more and more unstable molecules that are his thoughts. Author: Musin Almaty Zhumabekovich
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changing maze visible darkness soul covers amount space illuminated interior labyrinth brains deep hell smells laughing gas crazy funny glitches conformity hangs hooks leaving bodies freezer stability security honest people nudists human head glass ball born unstable molecules thoughts author musin almaty zhumabekovich

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