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9. On those truly unscrupulous fools consoled thoughts on that: there is no sinless nation or race, not in a world without the internal weaknesses of the nation or race, there is not an evil nation or race. They say the same excuses that all people are sinners worse than me. They prefer to be insignificant particles of the great legion of darkness. Verily I recognize that nation or race of true people that completely abandon once and for all from any kind of evil that once and for all destroy the world of evil, and refuse once and for all from all internal defects and from all sorts of human vices. Only the people who will pull in using morality all of humanity on the side of goodness and light. 10. Firmly holding the scruff of the neck, because you will pull off all of the forces of evil, and a person that is dear to you more than life itself. You, as well as it will be hard to keep the collar two people ottaskivaya them from the forces of evil, the same people will do next to you, an
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unscrupulous fools consoled thoughts sinless weaknesses excuses sinners worse prefer insignificant particles great legion darkness verily recognize nation race true completely abandon kind destroy world refuse internal defects sorts human vices morality humanity side goodness light firmly holding scruff neck pull person dear life hard collar ottaskivaya forces evil people

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