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9. Pessimism - a psychotronic weapons of mass destruction, which prevents people from ruining each other. 10. Men Caucasian jealous, and therefore do not want to share their women with representatives of other nations and races. And therefore we created this false, absurd, comic-Nazi racist theory of the disappearance of the race. With the help of neuro-linguistic programming brainwashed women of his race, to hate members of other nations and races, hate M├ętis, and inter racial marriages. In fact, all this is just a trivial jealousy male Caucasians. The representatives of the other races, ie Negroid and Mongoloid race, a long time do not care with whom to sleep and who are married, representatives of these two races. 11. Problems and objectives zombiruyut person is not a person at sprashivayuet resolution, and no doubt he was just acting. Purposeful, ambitious people, in fact - it's gutless robot system of society. 12. The materialist - a funny robot with a short cord and plug is inclu
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pessimism psychotronic weapons mass destruction prevents ruining men caucasian jealous share created false absurd comic nazi racist theory disappearance neuro linguistic programming brainwashed women members nations hate tis inter racial marriages trivial jealousy male caucasians negroid mongoloid race long time care sleep married representatives races problems objectives zombiruyut person sprashivayuet resolution doubt acting purposeful ambitious people fact gutless system society materialist funny robot short cord plug inclu

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