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A DEVIL'S LOVE: This love is a take n of Take n of love is my method True love is my love to give True love created by deceit My lie dressed as true True love you see Your love I eat in greed I take i take I take This love is a devils love, this love is true thru and thru, seen by you to be true. This love is the product of my greed. Take to give, give to take. This is my Love With love i blind you With love i bind you Using love as if a soul take n by my hands Your love is mine Mine to use as lie like true True love in lie's clothing True love your mind im molding My hands a glimps of what's holding For in the end its not what's in hand For in the end now not the end In the end it's me giving you love Giving a glimpse of what's to come To come in this beginning of an end The end of true love The beginning of a love A Devil's Love MP
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method created deceit dressed eat devils product greed give blind bind soul lie clothing mind molding hands glimps holding hand giving glimpse true beginning devil love

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