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A man can do anything. Man, why can not you be peaceful? Why can not you radiate light? Anger eaten from within, swallowed the heart of the mind. Around the claim alone. And while all pride, bursting from nutria. From you comes the cry of animal, and whine poison saliva, and in the sight of the agony. As you volcano erupts, in the way of living all burn, ash covered. Why can not I let go? Past prevents live. Why can not forgive? It does not hurt to breathe, to live fully, to create. Davit heart, and it hurts, the pulse of life knocks, vitality drains, the aura of punches. Nerves bares and stretched like a bowstring just broke the string. Man, why can not you be peaceful? Without reproach kindness do. No one was insulting, word kind support. Quarrels, rivalries, gossip stop, be patient. To live in harmony with the soul, and to be pleasing Over. Himself forgive, not blame, do not scold, do not look for flaws. To live in harmony with the soul, be peaceful, to do good. Light, heat to give
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radiate anger eaten swallowed mind claim pride bursting nutria cry animal whine poison saliva sight agony volcano erupts living burn ash covered prevents hurt breathe fully create davit heart hurts pulse life knocks vitality drains aura punches nerves bares stretched bowstring broke string man reproach kindness insulting word kind support quarrels rivalries gossip stop patient pleasing forgive blame scold flaws live harmony soul peaceful good light heat give

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