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A mother, by the virtue of being a woman, a mother brings you into this life. Thus, she creates you. She gives you the chance to live a life. She looks after you, every breathing moment of her life, thus imbibing the meaning of love and care. Her unconditional love, transient to tough love, helps you understand your flaws and strengths, thus, teaching you to understand your limits and your capabilities. A mother, is someone, with whom you make your first bond.The father is someone, who is always around and knows how to fix every problem. He may not be in most of the photographs taken at family picnics, because, he is the one taking the shot. He provides the financial support and the emotional support too. The role play of a father, teaches diligence, responsibility, dedication and dependability. Through his actions, he teaches the children the meaning of hard work and perseverance. Siblings are the indispensable part of your life. No matter how much you fight with them, get angry with
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virtue woman brings creates chance live breathing moment imbibing care unconditional transient tough love helps flaws strengths teaching understand limits capabilities mother bond fix problem photographs family picnics shot financial emotional support role play father diligence responsibility dedication dependability actions teaches children meaning hard work perseverance siblings indispensable part life matter fight angry

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