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A person can only handle it for so long or they die. The words that are coming out is a person thats had enough now its all about executing. Your better than that shit i know deep down inside you are and you know you are. Do it for your health, do it for you as a being, do it for your serenity and peace, do it for your kid. Trust me your emotions will come out because when your high you forget how feelings felt you will be really sad at times, you will hate yourself at times, you will be overjoyed, and cry because your happy. All those emotions that you havent felt and forgot about will hit you like a brick wall but you embrace it and realize that its only human. Your supposed to feel emotions your supposed to feel sore when you get off work quitting is just a big flood of emotions but those emotions taught me to love myself again
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handle long die words coming person executing shit deep health serenity peace kid trust high forget feelings sad hate times overjoyed cry happy havent felt forgot hit brick wall embrace realize human supposed feel sore work quitting big flood emotions taught love

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