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A person that judges another person should realize that his judgement is a reflection of his own condemned heart his own nakedness, judging others mirrors your own evil deceitful heart. Though God has freely given us His Righteousness in Jesus Christ, our flesh remains evil continuously and understanding of that image removes all the confidence in us to judge others, judging others means we have not understood our true image. The fruit of a self-righteous heart is condemnation and it breeds a heart that condemn others. Through the obedience of Jesus Christ on the Cross God granted us mercy by forgiving ALL our sins when we were very ungodly, that on its own must give us the reason to receive His same heart to be merciful to others, freely we received freely we must give. Those that are in Christ are not in condemnation therefore they do not condemn and judge others but they fellowship with others in Christ’s true love that always covers the nakedness of others.
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judges person realize judgement reflection condemned mirrors deceitful righteousness flesh remains evil continuously understanding removes confidence judging means understood image fruit righteous breeds obedience jesus cross god granted mercy forgiving sins ungodly reason receive heart merciful received freely give condemnation condemn judge fellowship christ true love covers nakedness

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