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Ablai Khan. In ancient times Zhungars was the time. Steppe was fragmented. Kazakh nation was on the brink, breathing did not give Dzhungars. People cut, burned the tent and cattle herds were driven. Moaned the land of innocent blood shed it was. Stricken people djungars he suffered oppression. Was predicted, one never knows. He begged the people in the lap of the Supreme son. He can protect them to a Kazakh family, extended. He's a baby, there is a caravan, kill, yet it is small. Jungars laughed in his face, I can make a baby. Do not kill, he will kill you. Caravan bombed, no one survived. Only a shepherd miraculously saved baby Soon Ablai Khan, named him. The boy grew up, his name Abulmansur Passing camels great Tole bi. Ten miles from Tashkent, in Karakamys areas. He drank the cup to the bottom of the orphan, grew up without a mother and father. Since childhood, seen as a disaster, the people groan. There was a bright boy, science given easily. He was clever, he looked straight into
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ancient times zhungars time steppe fragmented nation brink breathing give dzhungars cut burned tent cattle herds driven moaned land innocent blood shed stricken djungars suffered oppression predicted begged lap supreme son protect kazakh family extended small jungars laughed face kill caravan bombed survived shepherd miraculously saved baby ablai khan named abulmansur passing camels great tole ten miles tashkent karakamys areas drank cup bottom orphan grew mother father childhood disaster people groan bright boy science easily clever looked straight

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