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After discussing in one of my poems the highest or perfect good which basically expresses our desire to treat everyone and everything to some degree as equal, I also pointed out the relative goodness of things that are considered bad or evil. Some of those evils I basically said are remedies for the bad or evils. Searchquotes put most of my quotes on the front page. Is this ''favoritism'' on my part for allowing it? And is this favoritism for thanking them for putting my quotes on the front page? I thanked them for the goodness that was in their intention to put my quotes on the front page. There's a good that worketh in men. Does that mean I accepted my quotes on the front page? I must accept the work of fate if I desire perfect peace or happiness. And is this favoritism if my quotes liberate the whole of humanity and make them all equal [or considered all equal]? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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