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Ah! Diet's house so lonely to a widow's palace, Neither the spoon nor pot adhere to fire, my dear, So daunt steel stomach that occupied with worm in rage, And babies screaming that world shall tells its pain to pair. For sickness that grips you to a housefly in cobweb or snake in anthill, twisty is horror in its vein, Disgrace my soul, my love to a sludge need furnace tab, And love enrole to root that firmed in windy occasion. But loathes to emperors in canteen, you're not thrall, Oh!, ah my belle, you're expensive restaurant in home, Nose soaked in scent and lips bow in taste, You're tools for belly when world is noisily, Let me cook equal. Closed to swan shared duty, sake of God, we love. Closed to door shared two faces in act my belle.
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diet house lonely widow palace spoon pot adhere fire dear daunt steel stomach occupied worm rage babies screaming tells pain pair sickness grips housefly cobweb snake anthill twisty horror vein disgrace soul sludge furnace tab enrole root firmed windy occasion loathes emperors canteen thrall expensive restaurant home nose soaked scent lips bow taste tools belly world noisily cook equal swan duty sake god love closed door shared faces act belle

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