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All things are truly equal! But when perceived by society relative to them or their thought things become unequal though they are still equal, or remain equal. If you choose me over someone, am I now greater than him? To you, whether or not it is your ignorance or your justice or good favor for me or you! And is the limbless person, of current manifestation, less equal to him who currently has all limbs? No, because all are equal in soul - the black, dark space which is aware and sightful of the universe! and the universe! Though the current capabilities may differ. And with purpose and or technology the limbless person may be able to at that time do more things than the person with limbs. And so on.. Although we may be unequal in some degree yet we are all equal. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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perceived society relative thought remain choose greater ignorance justice good favor manifestation soul black dark space aware sightful universe current capabilities differ purpose technology limbless time person limbs unequal degree equal joshua aaron guillory

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