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Aphorism: A story about how the actor to become spectator: Coming into this world, in the minds of people already have a script of their lives in which they have to play. We live and eventually get used to their way, blindfolded, a symbol of the dressing (misunderstanding and ignorance). We do not understand who we are and why we do it. We play for the curtain. We are completely deaf, if we talk to ourselves, we do not hear the applause, we pray to someone once did not see. But we know that we are watching, we just play their roles in the huge stage of the absurd spectacle. When we die, we go to the closed curtain, took off the bandage, we see what is behind him. And we see those who are watching us, and we smile and bow to the audience. When we played, as they would if there were noble saints, they throw us flowers, and heard a burst of applause, and shouts, whistles, bravo. And then they have seated us next to each other. If the contrary were shameless sinners, rotten tomatoes and dr
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aphorism story actor spectator coming world minds people script lives live eventually blindfolded symbol dressing misunderstanding ignorance understand completely deaf talk hear pray play roles huge stage absurd spectacle die closed curtain bandage watching smile bow audience played noble saints throw flowers heard burst applause shouts whistles bravo seated contrary shameless sinners rotten tomatoes

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