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Aphorism: Big muscles tightly closed mouths onlookers. 1. Winged back will eclipse the sun. 2. A chest will huge boobs will be the envy of the master. 3 and 4. At the feet, that is, the quadriceps and hamstrings, combat capability, stamping his foot, you can split the earth, as well as punches on the ground, piece of land will fly up into the sky and you can kick the ball. 5. Delta would like barnacles, they will trapezes as the lion's mane. 6. Biceps as a huge globe. 7. and triceps are not ashamed to show, and to give a powerful blow. 8. Forearm give iron grip, you will tear the paper as evil, thus giving way to the good will hear ears praise for the courage to learn, because you know yourself that all the nobility of their liking, do not like to suffer poison. 9. Spawn would like hearts. 10. Press as female magnet, so you and says, shake hard abdominal muscles, and eat what you want without shame or embarrassment, you will have to answer only the joy and delight. If you will not beco
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aphorism big tightly closed mouths onlookers winged eclipse sun chest boobs envy master feet quadriceps hamstrings combat capability stamping foot split earth punches ground piece land fly sky kick ball delta barnacles trapezes lion mane biceps huge globe triceps ashamed show powerful blow forearm give iron grip tear paper evil giving good hear ears praise courage learn nobility liking suffer poison spawn hearts press female magnet shake hard abdominal muscles eat shame embarrassment answer joy delight beco

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