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Aphorism: How did a lot of wild noise resonance wrath from which no longer hear a thousand souls, glowing in the black flames of eternal agony, endless rage. How did a lot of lonely souls in the midst of a great multitude of nude, lewd bodies in a huge, luxurious palace of lust. How did a lot of greedy fools, eager infinitely large number of rotting garbage. How many same unquenchable thirst of gluttony, which ruthlessly destroys all hope. How did many prideful blind, existing in a non-existent reality. How did a lot of jealous fools who crave wealth of others, while tramping own wealth. How did a lot of lost souls in endless labyrinth of darkness, in the great realm of gloom. Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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aphorism wild noise resonance wrath longer hear thousand glowing black flames eternal agony rage lonely midst multitude nude lewd bodies huge luxurious palace lust greedy eager infinitely large number rotting garbage unquenchable thirst gluttony ruthlessly destroys hope prideful blind existing existent reality jealous fools crave tramping wealth lot lost souls endless labyrinth darkness great realm gloom author musin almat zhumabekovich

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