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Aphorism: I've thrown in a toy loneliness, feelings of love is not cool, and her image always remember. My heart, ladies toy, no one needs, always alone. My eyes shine empty, dead light, absolute indifference. Heart and mind are bleeding from the incredible pain of awareness and understanding of light seemed to have stopped breathing altogether, because there is no longer a favorite with me. Only in thoughts, only memories, only in dreams, we go into the endless depths of the void, she only heard my voice, and felt how tightly holding her hand, leading the in depth meaningless eternity. The present - a meal, a void under my mask scares everyone. Deep sadness lurking in it, in the absolute darkness of despair. There, in the depths of the gloomy darkness hovers in the air, my grim, eternal, not petition Troubled Spirit. In the empty air of reality nonsense. There is heard heavy, chilling moan of pain. Emanating from the depths of my soul. This is an open, deep, open wound of grief and so
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aphorism thrown loneliness feelings love cool image remember ladies toy eyes shine dead indifference heart mind bleeding incredible awareness understanding light stopped breathing altogether longer favorite thoughts memories dreams endless voice felt tightly holding hand leading depth meaningless eternity present meal void mask scares sadness lurking absolute despair gloomy darkness hovers grim eternal petition troubled spirit empty air reality nonsense heard heavy chilling moan pain emanating depths soul deep open wound grief

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