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As far as people saying to say things in their face/to their face, if you're reading my words, dummy, I'm saying things in/to your face! My words are apart of me and you're face to face with them! You scary human beings use law enforcement as your scapegoat - or protection! Everybody around me is a coward! They hide behind something! My name is Joshua Aaron Guillory! If you don't like me, I already told you what city I live in! Yeah! I thought so! Personally I don't consent to no one coming bother me! I like to live in peace! But of course people are scared of me! They don't stand up to me on their own! They run behind others! People think me talking like this will ruin me! It won't! It will only help in my agenda for world peace! It's like Jimi Hendrix music: it gets your attention! It's like a nail through your hands! Constantly being driven in it, again and again and again! You can't help but to be affected by my words when you read them. - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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