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As I discussed in my last poem, the Hebrew word for heart is LEB. Leb spelled backwards is Bel, who some say is the Sun God. The inner fire, passion, desire, or light of the heart. And you can also see in the word LEB is EL, which is the Hebrew word for God. Within every man's heart is God - not some hearts, but all hearts! The inner force, guidance, conviction, desire, will, wisdom, is God. Go within to know without! The reason your body is complete and or operating is because there is a force within. This force is both within and without. He is the whole body. He is you! You have the power within you! The Heh, as I also discussed, is in the center - the center of the word LEB. The soul, the eternal, perpetual, the one of the universe, and the one you! Your piece which is apart and one with the whole! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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