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As I turn the key, the humble roar of gears and pulleys subside Trying to be as stealthy as possible, I jump out softly on the stiff, rocky soil Pulling on the metal knob, I slide several projectiles into my metal and wooden contraption I clopped all the way to my magic spot with all senses on alert My magic tree sat, waiting for my arrival as it has for years After much waiting, I spot it With the use of magnification, I can see my desired treasure chest sitting beside a nervous tree I get in a comfortable position and search for my target with my weapon Holding my breath, I gently pull my finger back Boom! The sound of an implosion echoes through the valley as a drop of brass falls to the ground I walk to the tree and scour the ground for liquid flowers of scarlet A few minutes of searching led to the discovery of a small pool of roses with an outlet of fluid footprints One crimson flower lead to another till I found a brown lump in the trees I clutched the thick branches jutting fro
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turn key humble roar gears pulleys subside stealthy jump softly stiff rocky soil pulling knob slide projectiles metal wooden contraption clopped senses alert magic sat arrival years waiting spot magnification desired treasure chest sitting nervous comfortable position search target weapon holding breath gently pull finger boom sound implosion echoes valley drop brass falls walk tree scour ground liquid flowers scarlet minutes searching led discovery small pool roses outlet fluid footprints crimson flower lead brown lump trees clutched thick branches jutting fro

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