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As you open you'r beautiful mind reading and mind analysing EYES, focus your first sight on, by opening your fortunate lucky PALMS OF YOUR HANDS,wishing yourself, to have busy and responsible,functioning PAIR OF LEGS,having L,O,V and E in all your healthy four chambered heart respectively and have all the conquering ability,to train your own mind,in such a way that you defeat and massacre you'r inferior thoughts and conquer your own self= world.Forget your ugly and lonely past and take a stand to be a KING in whatever you are going to start,with definite SUCCESS and complete SATISFACTION. WISHING YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR :)
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open beautiful reading analysing eyes focus sight opening fortunate lucky palms hands busy responsible functioning pair legs healthy chambered heart conquering ability train mind defeat massacre inferior thoughts conquer world forget ugly lonely stand king start definite success complete satisfaction wishing happy year dear

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