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Awa created for Adam by his GOD, Women for men, tangle rope all men are swinging, In pleasure of all kinds, never enough without women, For the perfection garden completed with women, Women are lullaby to perspire of men, oh! world, Women preside men as rein to a bridled steed stallion, Yet women can make the whole ocean boil sometimes, He transpires if inspired or catch fire if despair by women, Powerful is a woman to turn honey to phlegm, be careful, temperate breeze are good women, intemperate drink are most, rarely intemperate breeze of garden, or one lounging at beach, A horrible beauty for a man in shackles like testicles swinging through fire, How beautiful a man's faith until his prime rouse by beautiful mind! That his patience hell of duty turn into paradise, How ugly a man's faith when rouse by wild among women! Like a trip of buffalo's heart into roar while its body smites by paws, Crying out for mercy, yet fading loudly voice towards death. Women are sun and moon that can't
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awa created adam god tangle rope pleasure kinds perfection completed lullaby perspire world preside men rein bridled steed stallion ocean boil transpires inspired catch despair powerful woman honey phlegm careful temperate good drink rarely intemperate breeze garden lounging beach horrible beauty shackles testicles swinging fire prime beautiful mind patience hell duty turn paradise ugly man faith rouse wild trip buffalo heart roar body smites paws crying mercy fading loudly voice death women sun moon

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