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Bang bang Bang bang, go the shots at night. another person has lost his life. Morning has come and night has passed, I can only hope nothing will cross my path. For the air I breathe I am thankful for and hope God will spare me some more. I stand in the morning sunshine and believe.. believe that it is time... to start making use of what is mine. It is given to us all; it is priceless and should be appreciated by all. If one takes time to appreciate more the thought of wrong doing will exist no more. The earth is the fairest I know. It has reached the sun in order for me to glow. the day goes on and turns closer to night. The other end of the world needs its time for light. The stars and moon have blessed me with sight, on this scary planet that's so dark at night. Bang bang go the shots, a timely reminder the doors to be locked. Stranger lurks at night. What a terrible time. Everyone just fights. The dogs bark wildly as they protect their grounds. The sounds in the silence they make m
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person lost life passed cross path air breathe thankful hope god spare stand morning sunshine start making priceless appreciated takes thought wrong exist earth fairest reached sun order glow day turns closer world light stars moon blessed sight scary planet dark bang shots timely reminder doors locked stranger lurks night terrible time fights dogs bark wildly protect grounds sounds silence

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Nikhil_bhardwaj on April 13, 2017, 2:01 am
its half i think

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