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BE "THE BEST" -Mahesh Kumar Barik Today i knew the common but the most effective word that can make a difference in our life,the power of "The Best" Word. It may seem like an ordinary word but it has the power of controlling our brain itself. In our world every human wants to achieve more,but it's not that easy to make.We know every human and every living being has a brain that can store a lotta information and can make the life as well as great.But nobody has the whole control of their own brain,some people use 3% and some use 5% of their cerebral capacity and even the Olympic gold medalists use maximum 40% of their brain capacity.so,what about the rest? scientist still didn't get the answer.Nobody knows how much a brain can do ,till now nobody reach to that stage .Our brain is still a mystery .* * * So,the main Question is that- how our brain works? Actually our brain acts like a computer,it accepts the input -process-and shows the output in the real world.Our brain works on our word
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