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Becasue within every girl is something that actually cares if her flawless heart is damned by you. within her pure soul lies the mind of someone better, the will to want to escape, and the emotions that you strip everytime you make her feel like she's worthless...because within you lies hurt that you make her bear. hurt that you let fester until it became a bitterness that hardened everything you once were. You take your infulence and abuse it for everything its worth. you make that which is named pure and cover it with your type of vile. you don't care about who you loose along the way because of the few you've lost without your power. you will miss out on everything that could be yours becasue of the past but within her lies the little bit of strength to realize she will never help you. maybe one day when you're in the same place you are today you'll understand the type of girl you had right in front of you. someone who had enough drive to get out of your deadly grasp.
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cares flawless heart damned soul mind escape emotions strip everytime feel worthless bear hurt fester bitterness hardened infulence abuse worth named pure cover vile care loose lost power becasue lies bit strength realize day place today understand type girl front drive deadly grasp

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