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Because you of herself beauty and eroticism idea relentlessly all its beauty and all are striking. Poetic, exotic, erotic lyrically. Living next to you harmony, grace, take my word, words can not convey, and I want to give you his heart. The sweetest voice you have a skin so tender and pure, like a beautiful flower, on the face of my delight. So serene, so calm and quiet, static, nice and smooth, his native place in the universe does not happen, the soul like a light cloud hovers in the sky all the time about you says, gives you his love. The rays of your love life shines gently nurtures and warms, under your angel wings minds gradually falls asleep. Truly happy life without you does not happen. Next to you my soul resides in Paradise, and only you, only one truly trusts. Your personality is loud, cool, beautiful, unique. Loud) loud) loud) You're a valuable copy of the human beauty tadts-tadts-tadts) tadts-tat) tadts-tat) tadts-tat) uooo) uooo) uooo) tadts-tadts-tadts) tadts-tat) tadts
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eroticism idea relentlessly striking poetic exotic erotic lyrically living harmony grace word words convey give heart sweetest voice skin tender pure flower face delight serene calm quiet static nice smooth native place universe light cloud hovers sky time rays love shines gently nurtures warms angel wings minds gradually falls asleep happy life happen soul resides paradise trusts personality cool beautiful unique loud valuable copy human beauty uooo tat tadts

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