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Being a guy witha hidden vendetta: I never knew that there could be a person who would take their tim to see my agenda: Though as young as we were,we were told that dreams were forever: But sold to the grim reaper....we never knew they shatter,the time remains lime that's why not sharin my dreams with you is always a crime: Truth is you always remain to be mine: Coz your expecties could never be define: Dreamin that you and me would be together forever I felt like screamin coz I met my love trim: But in love it aint always what it is that's why I'm wakin up and realizin it was only just a dream:(:(:(
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guy witha hidden vendetta person tim agenda young told sold grim reaper knew shatter time remains lime sharin dreams crime truth remain expecties define dreamin felt screamin met trim love aint wakin realizin dream

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