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Better half In Deen Oh! behold better half in deen, listen, Both mate, your deen is window of eternal with rivers, You're refresher of body to soul with deen, For your heart is a wool in coldness of nights, Your husband, your head, your treasure box, your reader, Your Islam, your root, when limb of tree in hop in tune of wind, Qur'an is starlight to believer, Fear not death to steal your love, eternal meet you again, understand, Women are soul and root of home, not man's will but Lord if able, Be to you, fair heart, be to you what Allah decree, Two believer's love to stalk of tuber, Adhere to peace, seek for good advice lover.
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behold listen mate window rivers refresher body deen wool coldness nights husband head treasure box reader islam limb tree hop tune wind qur starlight fear death steal eternal meet understand women soul root home man lord fair heart allah decree believer love stalk tuber adhere peace seek good advice lover

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