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Better to let the world flooded mestizo than thoroughbreds, thoroughbred fascists, Nazis and racists who seek to multiply only thoroughbred, and some of them will start to notice a few centuries, their husbands and wives, boys and girls, will be reminded of their kith and kin whereas more and more new types of the people will appear among the M├ętis. If the world is overflowing with mestizos, in the blood which are ethnic lines around the world. In the minds of people happen illumination of the mind, and there will be a new level of thinking, the only flag which will be written: the eternal unity of all mankind, one language, globalization and multiculturalism, will reveal the true potential in which people will be able together to easily solve any global and simple everyday problems, they will understand that we are in fact the same as the inside and outside, and we all really need each other. A world without selfishness, without wars, any conflicts, violence, insults become any attemp
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flooded mestizo thoroughbreds fascists nazis racists seek multiply thoroughbred start notice centuries husbands wives boys girls reminded kith kin types tis overflowing mestizos blood ethnic lines minds happen illumination mind level thinking flag written eternal unity mankind language globalization multiculturalism reveal true potential people easily solve global simple everyday problems understand fact world selfishness wars conflicts violence insults attemp

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